What is a serial dater online dating

17-Nov-2017 20:56

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Not that one can blame men for arranging such a common and unoriginal date.

With the amount of serial dating women out there, it would be a fools errand to waste valuable money and time planning something more creative. One doesn’t even have to wait any longer than the walk to his or her car before whipping a smart phone out and responding to new potential dates.

Serial dating is one of the more recent and widely discussed dating phenomenons, especially in larger, metropolitan areas.

Serial daters aka “butterflies” – generally appeared as a side effect of online dating and the seemingly infinite options we have to contact so many people who we would have never otherwise been able to talk and meet.

The epidemic of serial daters is a natural evolution to online dating. How could any single man or woman measure up to another person’s standards when there are several hundred more available singles just one click away.

Placing a single man or woman into a landscape of unlimited options is like unleashing a kid into a candy store without adult supervision. This is a world where women who are 4’11 refuse to engage with men who are anything less than six feet tall.

There is no longer a for men and women to take the process of meeting up for a date seriously.

Meet-ups for most online daters are now reduced to superficial encounters that consist of nothing more than a cliche drink at a bar for an hour.

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Especially for those in their late twenties or older.These days it could take all of five minutes, or dare I say, a swipe right.