Vanessa redgrave and liam neeson dating

18-Aug-2017 10:33

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TV actress who appeared on hundreds of shows, probably best-known as Grace's mother-in-law in Grace Under Fire, died same day as Brian Jacques.

Helped America "to believe in itself again" while ignoring America's flouting of international law during the Iran Contra scandal, an ex-husband of Jane Wyman, helped to bring Alzheimer's out of the closet, (high school football coach/child actor) -- Dead.

First female US Attorney General, served longer than any Attorney General for 150 years, had Parkinson's for many years, died same day as Leonard Cohen.

Paul Revere and the Raiders founder, went on to tour as a singer for over 50 years, until three months before his death.

Probably best-known to Americans as Hamish, the Scottish husband in Four Weddings and a Funeral, a political activist like his sister Vanessa. Ex-wife of Tony Richardson, mother of Joely and Natasha Richardson, which also makes her Liam Neeson's mother-in-law. "You'll Never Find, Another Love Like Mine," performed music for the Garfield specials, led fundraising for the United Negro College Fund, died on the same day as Hugh Thompson. Suffered a stroke while attending the Sundance Film Festival, co-founder of October Films, president of United Artists.