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This mod integrates its options menu as a submenu of BLT's *Mod Options* menu.## Notes and limitations - Poco Hud must be installed for this mod to function (you will be prompted to download it through BLT if it has not already been installed) - **Poco Hud's *Buff* feature must be enabled for this mod to have any effect** - This mod does not handle displaying the information on its own - instead, it calls certain Poco Hud functions to display the tracked information as though Poco Hud itself were tracking it - **The additional information being tracked by this mod must be toggled in this mod's own options menu, not Poco Hud's menu** - The Maniac perk deck's accumulated stacks are shown as a percentage of the maximum attainable stacks per tick, which at the time of writing is 240 (the absolute maximum attainable stack size - across multiple ticks - is 600) - The Hostage Taker skill and Muscle perk deck both share the same indicator.If both the skill and the perk deck are equipped, the Hostage Taker icon will be shown if there are any hostages secured, otherwise the Muscle icon will be shown - Some skills (e.g.

### For this reason, game updates *may* cause some trackers to incorrectly reflect certain skill states until I update them to account for the new changes.

[Uppers range gauge]( Upm1.jpg) ! [Uppers auto-heal cooldown]( Qdu.jpg) ! [Lock 'n Load reload speed boost]( Vk B.jpg) !