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19-Jul-2017 04:00

A cargo jet can carry 50 tons so its purchase price is about million per ton of cargo capacity.Assumption: starships are strictly orbit-to-orbit, they use space ferrys to transfer passengers and cargo between the starship and the planet.You can alter some of the assumptions yourself to tweak the economy to suit your science fictional background.

This ignores taxes, station docking fees, and fuel.

They go fast, can carry lots of people and cargo, and are the most advanced technology that can be massed produced.

The ticket prices will not be similar between airliners and starships because FTL interstellar travel will probably take more than a few hours for the trip.

Using a long series of estimations whose details can be found in Rick's article he concludes that the annual operating cost for an airliner is about million (not counting fuel, landing fees, and taxes).

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An airliner's purchase price is 0 million so one year's uses costs about one-third of the purchase price.

The leader of the thalassocrats is of course called the thalassiarch.