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The honorees – Bessie Dennis, Patricia Fleurinord, Angela “Myammee” Pitts, Bob Hyde, and Melvin Wright – have dedicated their time, energy and passion into educating, advocating, teaching and reaching others with powerful messages on treatment, prevention, and all things HIV/AIDS.

Whether infected or affected, each of these unsung heroes continuously arm us with the skills and tools we need to effectively mobilize our community against this disease.

As long as your pregnancy is going well, having a water birth is perfectly safe.

See if it’s right for you, and ask your midwife what your options are in your local area.

We wanted to dispel the belief that AIDS would be caught by shaking hands, hugging someone with the disease or using the same restroom facilities.

We knew it was important to show love to our family member and others who were fighting the disease…

We knew very little about this disease called AIDS.

As we began listening and reading, we learned more.

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Sponsored by Vitas Healthcare, five unsung heroes will be honored for their fight in the war on the pandemic that has spread through our community like a wild fire out of control. This is the first of several events the Westside Gazette will hold in honor of the newspaper’s 45th anniversary this year.Capillaries are forming under your baby's skin, slowly turning it from pink to red.Her eyebrows are getting thicker, and her lips are distinct.“I am so grateful to God that we still have my grand-daughter with us.

I am proud of her and how she is willing to use her time to speak to youths and others about AIDS,” stated Publisher Emeritus of the Westside Gazette, Levi Henry, Jr.

Read more about your baby's development at 21 weeks of pregnancy and see what he looks like now.