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Surendra Nath Bhatta- charji, Mag-istrate and Deputy Col- lector. lor ilir civil ecmrts in the province of Bengal: — Cadre rules for staff in Judicial Offices. In these rules, unless there i^ anythiuf' repujjrnant in ihe subject or context: — O'! courts , — There shall lie in each district as many shc*ristadars us there are pe Jinarient munsifs* couits pins a number of clerks g-iveii by the iiuuiivux to the nearest half. If a iniinsif’s t*our( is sent on deputatiim the sheristadar and no other clerk shall aceompany it. ’ rules reg-ardinjir eadre of the ministerial slat! (21 ‘‘total number of eases'* means the total number in the courts referred to of institutions, miscellaneous judicial case.s, and applica- tions for execution in the calendar year ]rect*dinpr that tor ^liich the staff is beinjr calculated, and includi^s Small (’ausc* Court cases, orij^inal, misc^ellaneous and execution. l)ac«-a, is irunsf erred to the Barrack- pore subdivision of the X? ‘Mcounted as unity, and that fraetions less than *5 shall be neg’lectod. It shall come into force with effect from the date of operation of the Cadre Buies for ministerial officers in civil judicial offices published with this department notification No. (i) The pay of translators (temporary) appointed in class AT of rule 15 of the Cadre Buies for staff in judicial offices shall be in the scale 80—85—5/2—120. — In exercise of the powers conferred by rules 41, 42 and 44 of the Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Buies and all other powers enabling in this behalf the (xovemor is pleased to make the following rules fixing the pay of temporary translators and of lower *and sub-grade posts in the civil courts’ in the Province of Bengal.

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Court oa«Mi In tin* court, j quotient to the near Where there are two Subordinate Judgre’s (3ourt K jit a utation with independent jurisdiction there shall be one shi-ristadai- plus two bench clerks plus three clerks plus a numl M*r of clerks gfiven by the quotient tot Al numbor of Small Cauite Court canoa lu Subordinate? (a) AVliere there* are three such Subordinate J ud#'es’ (’tmiis at a station there shall he two aberistadars plus three licuich clerks plus four clerks plus the number K'iven by the above t|uotierit. Birbhum, Baiigpur and Farid pnr Pubna-Bogru, Burdwan. — The Subordinate Jud^e at AMau Bol in whose court appeals are filed shall have one exira clerk.

Electric luspector, Ik Migal, i.s allowed earned leave for twenty days, under rule i O of the be!

Sen Gupta, Electric Inspector, Kengal, is appointed to officiate as the senior Electric Inspector, Ben*^al, with ehect from the 1st December 1938, vice Major A. Cullen, o., m.c., appointed to officiate u.s the Electrical Adviser and Chief Electric Inspector, Bengal.

(iii) I he pay of the sub-grade posts of class S* (permanent) and class Cl (temporary) and class E (temporary) shall be in the scale 35_o/2_55.

Chittagong 27 81 88 20 THE CALCUTTA GFAZETTK, Um Allt A, im. (ii) The pay of the lower division posts of class L of rule 16 of the said Buies shall be in the scale ;{5_36_40_4 / 2—08—3 / 2—80.

4 miles Moderately deep channel except for the last half mile whore it is sha Uow.

Doch Tilda will sich auf keinen Fall damit abfinden.… continue reading »

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Tra loro c’è Marco Buttu dell'Inaf di Cagliari, e Media Inaf continua a raccontare la sua avventura fatta di esercitazioni e di isolamento fra i ghiacci Il 14 ottobre 2015, con Decreto del Ministro dell'Istruzione, Università e Ricerca Scientifica, il prof.… continue reading »

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