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05-Jul-2017 21:03

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I take this opportunity to stress the importance of ‘Catch & Release’ as the quantity of fish around our shores has sharply declined due to various reasons, overfishing with trammel nets and pollution being a few amongst others.- Shore fishing techniques depends on the species you are trying to catch.Whilst a variety of worms, maggots, squid, live crayfish and prawns are ideal to target fish like bream and wrasses, one may also use bread, cheese and sweet corn for other fish like mullet and fresh seaweed (selliha) for Salpa (Xilep).It is not unlikely to by-catch a fish on a bait you would never imagine presenting to catch such a fish.

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However, it certainly has its place in more technical fishing when seeking species such as Bream (Sargi & Awrat etc) & Rays (Rajja).For this method, on the main line on the reel you must first insert a rubber stopper, then a bead, then the float, another bead then a lead of about 2g less than the float can take, then a third bead and finally a swivel.So, if you are using a float that can take up to 12grams, then the lead weight should be of circa 10 grams.First thread your main line through a sliding lead which will run trough the main line of your reel.

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Secondly, thread a bead onto the main line of the rig and attach the end of the line to a swivel.Shore fishing has become quite technical in the last few years and has excelled from the days were any rod, line and hook would do.

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