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Super received mixed reviews from critics, who debated the moral ambiguity, violence and messages, but still received praise for the acting, tone, writing and humor.The film has a rating of 48% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 116 reviews with an average score of 5.5 out of 10.Short-order cook Frank Darbo recalls his only two good memories from a disappointing life: marrying his wife, Sarah, and an incident in which he directed a police officer to catch a purse snatcher.Frank immortalizes these two events in a pair of crayon drawings that he hangs on his wall for inspiration.They’re used to like, oh, ‘The Avengers’ has some comedy in it, but it’s action, and it’s a comic-book type thing. But in this one, it mixes so many different worlds, you’re really off-balance.‘Cause you don’t know if the next scene is going to be someone crying, or it’s going to be ludicrous or it’s going to be an animated sequence or an action sequence.Libby soon becomes enamored with Frank, but her advances are turned down as Frank insists that he is still married.Arguing that it is different when they are in their superhero identities, Libby rapes Frank while the two are in costume.


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He decides that it is time to rescue her from Jacques.

The wall is covered with pictures of his experiences from his time spent with Libby and pictures of Sarah's kids, who call him "Uncle Frank." Frank looks at Libby's picture, and a tear runs down his cheek.