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A light supper was possible through the kind offices of Clare, Ed and Marina, who had laid in essential supplies.Monday 10 March ‘No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until they come home and rests their head on their old, familiar pillow.’ Lin Yutang A late awakening after a good night’s sleep in our own bed.In the end this turned out to be a gas failure and the boiler was working again by the middle of the evening.A trip to Tesco gave us the basis of sustenance for the next few days before heading off again to catch up with family and friends.The coach left at 5.10pm and the journey was uneventful, although we were delayed by a diversion to avoid a problem on the M4.

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Breakfast swiftly followed and we landed in Lisbon around 11.00am.

Once aboard, the two hour flight went quite quickly and we arrived within our scheduled landing time, although we were then stacked, making us 25 minutes late in landing, at just before 4.00pm.

Although the passport queues were short for Heathrow, using the e-passport system put Eric straight through, but the system did not work for Joyce, however, she was able to go straight to the support desk.

Individual check in seemed to take a long time but eventually we reached the desk and were delighted to find they had seats for us through to Heathrow as scheduled.

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Passing through passport control and security took very little time, as there were no queues, and we made ourselves comfortable by gate 25.We have now produced a series of photobooks covering the trip.