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I could just imagine her on the other end, her thick blonde hair with just the right amount of curl and bounce, her china-doll face with her slightly up-turned nose and piercing blue eyes whose corners would crinkle as she smiled. A flat stomach that led to a perfectly trimmed pussy, and an ass that had me constantly on high-alert. At my request, she almost always wore thongs - regardless of what she wore or where she was going. It also means short shorts, skirts and sundresses that leave just enough to the imagination to keep things titilating. I watched her perfectly tight ass bounce down the steps to the sidewalk below. And with the heat of the day, an air conditioned mall was an effortless choice. As much as she loved hearing mine, her voice - her tone, her cadence, the way she said my name - made my heart skip. Beautiful, pert c-cup breasts with perfect nipples that begged to be sucked. " "That's actually why I was calling," she replied. It was summer in Boston - which means sweltering heat and humidity. Vanessa's waiting." And just like that, she spun on her heel's and headed down the front stoop.

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I went to work, came home, spent time with my roommates and chatted with friends. Normally, a phone call like this would not have raised any concerns. To a jerk of a husband who she had suspected of cheating on her from nearly the day they got married. It felt like minutes, but it was really only a few seconds. The crowds made it easy to disguise my not-so-subtle attempts at trying to decipher what lay underneath. I secretly loved when she would come over after her shift, still wearing her thin scrubs, so I could feel every curve and edge of her thong as it dipped into the v of her sculpted ass cheeks. When we broke up - for reasons too deep to mention here - she eventually sought comfort there. Of course non of this mattered at this particular moment. "I'm coming into Boston next week with my cousin Vanessa. And this hug was the closest thing I had had to physical contact with her since our last sexual enterprise - the last hurrah before the final breakup. "I missed you," she whispered into my ear as we held our embrace. A toffee colored print that gave way to white and pink flowers that hung delicately from two spaghetti thin straps on her shoulders, flared out as it wrapped around her breasts, revealing just enough cleavage to warrant at least a second glance, and fell effortlessly down to just above her knees. She wore a pair of jean short cutoffs and a tank top - both of which she filled out quite nicely. I walked next to her, but occasionally brushed my hand alongside her body, allowing the back of my palm to "accidentally" graze her ass as we walked.Due to the content and subject matter, it's not age-appropriate for teens under 17.

" /Clarke discovers himself -- but his path to that self-discovery includes casual sex, stealing a car and a credit card, and other questionable acts.There's nearly constant strong language (including "f--k," "s--t," "c--k," "p---y," and more), as well as heavy sexual innuendo and sexual suggestion (including teens having sex in a car and brief male frontal nudity in pictures).

Maybe it was shockingly normal — alluring beyond the obvious reasons.… continue reading »

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