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I wanted to balance the slutty outfit with elegant and sophisticated hair and makeup.

I was finally ready just as I heard the babysitter at the door. His balding grey hair was in a buzz cut and I loved the shape of his head.

"Oh hell, the bones in this corset are starting to dig into me now," I said to Peter, while pulling at the garment, which became an exercise in futility.

"Well, take it off then," Peter smirked with a cheeky grin plastered broadly on his face. "But only if you take off your pants and underwear. " "Ha-ha, if I have to get my cock out, I am going to have to get a blowjob!

I let Sandra go ahead into the kitchen and I followed behind. ***** Once we got to the local pub I noticed our friends, Paula and Peter, were already there. Paula was about my height, 175cm, but was dark brunette to my mousey brown. She was slimmer than I and had smaller perkier breasts that made me jealous and very curious all at the same time. " "Hehe, let me have a few drinks first and then I just might let you," retorted Paula. I could tell that the talk was starting to get him a little hot. " The two of us chortled at our secret while Paula was still laughing at my dominatrix comment a few seconds earlier. " asked Peter as he set down the drinks in front of us. Peter had broad shoulders and fairly well defined arm and chest muscles due to his building job. " I enquired, gazing straight into those mischievous eyes.

"Mmmm, I approve too," Conor whispered into my ear when I passed him in the hall. The combination of the whisper and squeeze sent a jolt of anticipation to my pussy. Paula and I were swimming buddies, so I often got to see her glorious lithe body in the showers and changing rooms. Many times he had joked with me about getting Paula to join us for a threesome. I dropped my hand onto Conor's crotch and gave his semi hard on a little squeeze. I leaned closer to him and whispered, "I'm wearing your favorite panties...none! It was now at full mast and straining against his jeans. "Kym is about to practice her dominatrix skills on us all," explained Paula. " Peter said as he looked me over, his eyebrows raising appreciatively. As the night progressed the drinks flowed and the conversation continued in a bit of a risquee tone. Again, I felt a little tingle as he returned the gaze. I mean, she can get a lot in, if you know what I mean." Peter was blushing adorably at this intimate revelation.

After all the talk earlier I can't wait to get Paula home! "I'm sure Conor and Kym wouldn't mind if I blew you now. " Conor sat on the arm of the couch on the opposite end from me, with Paula and Peter between us. It looked fairly thick with a large head, but a bit shorter than Conor's.

As I was about to stand up and go, oblivious to my exposure, Peter kindly pointed it out. " "He is fairly big, but I think all the talk about blow jobs has got him a bit... Peter looked like he enjoyed the discussions too though." "Yeah, he did, but I know he liked the flash of your nipples did I," admitted Paula. I don't know if I would prefer to see if I could manage all of Conor's cock, or suck on your big breasts! The feeling of sucking a cock all the way down to the base would be amazing. I also really like the hands and fingers to be involved too." I looked around the table and there were three mouths gaping at my revelation into my cunninglingus preferences. The two guys looked like they were mentally taking notes!

But I didn't see that happening when I was just going to sit on a bar stool.

I finished getting ready by tying up my hair into an elegant bun and applying just enough makeup to emphasise my eyes.

But Peter had a fairly toned ass that was definitely nice to look at. "I have a question for you Conor", Paula purred and grinned cheekily at my husband. He paused for a moment but couldn't delay long as everyone finished the last sips and shouted "same again".

Conor is a bit of an exhibitionist (and a voyeur), so as he stood he turned a little towards Paula so his cock was at her eye level. As I got up and walked past Peter, I glanced down onto his lap.

Conor put on a music channel playing vintage music.