Dating female lawyers

27-Oct-2017 20:26

Because we'll have drawn up a nice contract to make sure the behaviour that got us into the argument in the 3. Well, it might also be because of that, but usually it's because we've been landed with a massive great bundle which needs reading before 9am. We have an extra phone for work, not because we're cheating And when we check them every five minutes, it's most likely because we're in the middle of a deal.

We work really frickin' late, so won't be able to meet you at 6pm So that surprise date you were going to take us on? Not because we're engaging in a Bridget-Jones-style flirty email exchange with our office crush.6.

We can basically speak Latin And what more could you want in a partner than one that's almost fluent in a dead language? We'll stand up for you even if you're wrong If we could we just refer you back to point number 1…17.

Not meaning to sound like a dick, but we do earn quite a lot of money We also know how to spend it (and not just on ourselves).

Yeah, you're going to have to let us know about that one in advance so we can book a half-day of holiday. Our weekends are sacred Because there is literally excited about non-work plans, you may as well be on a date with a seven-year-old at Christmas.8.

We're a nightmare to rent a flat with That lease will have been re-read and re-drafted at least fifteen times before we sign on the dotted line.

Chances are, most of our friends are lawyers and we spend so much time in office, that we're kind of sick of it more or less (even though we may love it).

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We get enough of discussions centering around the law.

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