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23-Dec-2017 07:59

From Saxon times press-gangs had functioned in order to provide seamen.It was an Admiralty rule, founded upon very old usage, that every male British subject was eligible to be pressed into service.

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The customs and practices referred to were the naval equivalent of the unwritten common law of Great Britain; and your persona is legally bound to conform to the law of the land, of which a large part is not recorded in statute form. But as the men had insufficient funds to go to London money lenders came to the home ports and paid as little as 60% of the value of the pay tickets. In a document to the Admiralty he attributed his good fortune to the use of lemons; this resulted in their adoption for general use in British ships.

The unofficial uniform was described as "a little low cocked hat, pea jacket, and canvas petticoat trousers not unlike a kilt, tight stockings and shoes with pinchbeck buckles".

Men did not wear cocked hats after 1780, and when worn by officers they were worn athwartships until 1795, and fore-and-aft from that year, at first for only Captains and below.

But the principal raids by press-gangs were on experienced seafarers, particularly those serving aboard merchant vessels.

There is little doubt that pressing for the naval service was legal (and incidentally the right has never been repealed or abrogated) provided the press-gangs held a warrant issued in the county and was accompanied by a commissioned officer. There was also lawful protection documents that barred press-gangs from taking the person.

Prior to that year officers, and captains of ships in particular, had worn what they pleased.

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