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Miranda has been given the nickname "BCB" ("Booty Call Bailey"), due to her increasing love for Ben. In Season 10, Ben talks to Shepherd about how he suspects that Bailey has OCD.

Shepherd takes this to Hunt and Bailey is forced to be followed around by an occupational therapist to help her get control of her OCD. Owen Hunt is the Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Grey's Anatomy is an American television medical drama series created by Shonda Rhimes, broadcast by ABC.

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He and Cristina experience marital problems after his affair with a woman at a bar.

He wants to move to DC with his family, but Meredith says shes doesn't want to in the season finale.

In season 11 episode 21 "How To Save A Life", he dies of a head injury after his car was T-Boned by a semi-truck.

They try to resolve it, but it eventually leads to their divorce.

They do not end the relationship until season 9, episode 24, when she decides to let him go.In season 10, he starts a relationship with Emma Marling, an attending at Seattle Presbyterian.