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25-Jul-2017 10:59

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Naeun had a wardrobe malfunction during the Kok Kok BPL sexy stages and had to leave for the last song and Bomi never noticed she was gone💀 Ps.

I was actual wanting to run and cover her up I felt sorry for her😭 congratulations our apink!!

DEO o MP3 TE VOY A QUITAR LA CUENTA DEL FIFA (Broma telef? gueme en twitter: Play S?

And he's in classic bar-for-bar form blasting at Donald Trump from his Detroit home.

Too hot, success doublin’ Too hot, somersaulting on the charts Too high, we on trampoline Too high, someone stop us We couldn’t fail Because we believed in each other What you say yeah (say yeah) Not today yeah (day yeah) We won’t die today yeah Trust me, who is next to you Together we won’t die I trust you, who is next to me Together we won’t die We believe in the word, together We believe that we’re Bangtan Point, aim, shoot! We won’t die, don’t ask Scream, not not today Don’t kneel, we won’t cry Hands up, not not today Hey not not today Hey not not today Hey not not today Point, aim, shoot!

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DEO o MP3 DEBATE DE PERIODISTAS ARGENTINOS POR EL GOLAZO DE PAOLO GUERRERO ANTE COLOMBIADEBATE DE PERIODISTAS ARGENTINOS POR EL GOLAZO DE PAOLO GUERRERO ANTE COLOMBIAGron Edson Futbol Perua Descargar V? But even among the K-Pop idol boys who cross dress for their fans, there are a certain few who are prettier than girl groups! We live and die for moments between our K-Pop artists cuddling up to each other.But what about moments when they hold each other close while whispering softly in their ears? We’ve collected 18 moments when K-Pop idols leaned in for a soft exchange of secrets, but the whole picture was too sexual for our beating, you’ve filled the stage with best performances and our hearts are once again filled with so much happiness. and in the future, we will always be prouder of you.

Oy Vay-"Issa Knife" (Shot by @Billy Kauck)Bobby Reddy ft.

K-Pop idol boys are handsome and charismatic, but they surprise us with such beautiful feminine sides.