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31-Jul-2017 13:30

Used to sport the pornstache so popular among gay guys in the 70s.Not that any of that means anything, but he's always been a tad fey.[quote]He said Christopher Lloyd used to go there often, trying to pick up young guys.

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I always thought they tend to be shorter because so many start acting as children or as teens.Someone in DL posted about his sexual experience with Lloyd - when said poster was under-aged or looked very young.It was obvious Lloyd liked them practically pre-pubescent. How does he stay married to socialite and play the dutiful husband? I know of this one soap actor from a cancelled soap in NYC (guess that's redundant) who was pulling double duty as a main player in Broadway show. George Clooney - unsure of his same-sex inclinations, but he hit on a kinky female friend of mine (non-celebrity) around 1999/2000. Ditto for Hugh Grant, who slept with a different female friend of mine (around the time of Maurice, therefore many, many years ago).

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Daniel Craig, via close friend and trustworthy source, who met both him and his then-boyfriend circa ten years ago.

True many daytime actors do, I guess, but Peter Bergman is not the young pretty boy.