Accutron dating

01-Aug-2017 01:46

Here are some of the noted and famous antique grandfather clock makers that brought us equally famed timepieces: – located in Connecticut and was made from 1828 – 1978.

They presently manufacture long case, mantel, wall, and tabletop clocks which is now owned by the Colibri Group.– produced from 1850 until 1929 specializing in upscale novelty clocks such as swinging and statue, figurine clocks.The company is based in Bristol, CT and Brooklyn, NY which declined after World War I loosing much of their business to lower-cost clock makers.Today’s grandfather clock manufacturers are successors of the famous antique clock makers then.

Although not all, some companies are prominent producers of grandfather clocks that have been passed on from a particular ownership to the other. is an icon in American homes which was founded in 1875.

There are no number tables that I am aware of to cross reference the date of manufacture with the serial number.